The American Justice System is a powerful institution.  It is because our justice system establishes and enforces laws made by the people to protect the rights of people and businesses that our American businesses thrive, and people from all over the world choose to migrate to the United States. Even with our complaints about the […]
Every day, Americans rush around in a frenzy to get things done. They commute to work, school, run errands, do the shopping, and pick up the kids.  We all feel as though there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done.  This often puts us all at risk of speeding, or getting […]
After being injured at work and trying to navigate the swampy waters of Worker\'s Comp, I hired Mr. Burton to represent me. With his help, I was able to receive the surgery that I needed to provide relief to my right hand and elbow. Mr. Burton and his associates have handled my claim with the utmost professionalism and concern for MY well being. If I have a question, I can call or email and get a response, not just the reply of \"we will get back to you when we have time.\" I have recommended Mr. Burton to several people that I knew that had a Worker\'s Comp claim. I appreciate all that he has done for me!
Scott Wolfe CEO at Zlien
Burton Banks

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